Monday, September 3, 2012

'Nico's Children' by Jack

Baby I've been waiting for you
In the housing benefit queue
I've been waiting for the light
That's set to end us all
I've been thinking
What these hands could do
Let loose upon you
Set free inside you
Honey, undress me for the last time
Put me to sleep in the daytime
Tonight you're ugly and I'm worse
But we're both victims of this thirst
When the sunlight turns to snow
When these lights are turned down low
It won't be poetry
Just poverty
Like so
Nico's children
Follow me like flies
Needlepoint arms
And nothing in their eyes
Come home to me early
Say that you'll save me
So sunny and dirty
Oh swear you won't spare me
The last in a line of beautiful mistakes
Together we'd never make it
Straight out of here

[N.B. If you are waiting in the housing benefit queue, I advise you to bring a book, and also to expect that when you do eventually talk to someone, that person will claim that the information you gave on your previous three visits - during which you saw three other people - is not recorded in the system, and consequently nothing has been done about it.]

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