Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let Us Burn the Gondolas: Venice as a Modern City in 'Rethinking History'

My photoessay entitled 'Let Us Burn the Gondolas: Venice as a Modern City' has just been published in the Routledge journal Rethinking History, with which I have a long-standing relationship. It is part of an issue (vol, 15, no. 1, 2011) edited by James Goodman on 'History as creative writing', which includes contributions in various formats (including poetry) by historians and writers such as Martha Hodes and Gregory Downs.

This published version in Rethinking History is complemented by a separate, online iteration of the same project at http://www.letusburnthegondolas.com/, which has an entirely different text, design and interface, although both versions are organised around the same photographs.

There is additional discussion and more photographs from the project on this blog.

Buying articles from academic journals is always prohibitively expensive for individuals, but if you have any kind of university affiliation, try accessing it through your library, who may have an online subscription to Rethinking History.

San Toma, Venice, 2003

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