Monday, November 22, 2010

Podcast on the Design of Five Wounds

The podcast of my talk on the design of Five Wounds, originally delivered to the Centre for the Book at Monash University on 20 Oct., is now available to download if anyone wants to listen to it at home. Alternatively, I have also uploaded and embedded the audio below.

The original talk was of course accompanied by illustrations. I have posted the most important of these below. The numerical headings are time cues, which refer to the point in the audio file at which I discuss the image in question. Anyone who wants to get a sense of what the book looks like before listening to the talk can check out these short videos, in which I flip through a copy and explain the various elements.

4:55: Freud Caricature

Freud Caraicature: What's On a Man's Mind

6:40 : Synaesthetic Paradise Diptych [I can't get this double image to work in the audio, and I waste a couple of minutes fiddling about with it]:

Synaesthetic Paradise (left panel)

Synaesthetic Paradise (right panel)

10:55: Plate 6: Cuckoo's reflection.

Plate 6: Cuckoo's reflection

12:00: Alternative Representation of Cuckoo's Face


13:50: Gabriella's Shield

Gabriella's Coat-of-Arms

13:57: Magpie's Shield

Magpie's Coat-of-Arms

15:00: Heraldry Sketches

Heraldry Sketches for Five Wounds 1

15:15: Heraldry Grid

Grid of Index Shields for Five Wounds (draft)

15:40: Sample Page Layout [see also 18:30 for discussion of the illustration included within this sample page]

Five Wounds Sample Layout (right)

17:00: Running Head [N.B. The pages above and below are two sides of the same layout, and thus the running head below serves as a title card for the illustration on the page above.]

Five Wounds Sample Layout (left)

24:55: Geneva Bible Page Layout (1560)

1560 Geneva Bible

25:00: King James Bible Page Layout (1611)

1611 King James Bible

25:30: Modern Bible Page Layout

Modern Red Letter Bible

40:00: Plate 15: Cut me

Plate 15: Cut me

[All illustrations except the Freud caricature, the heraldry sketches and the page layouts are by Dan Hallett.]

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