Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Am A Pilgrim

Lynsey and Friends, Glasgow, 2004

My short sequence of photographs, I Am A Pilgrim, has just been published in the online magazine 1:1.

Pilgrim was a project I started as an adjunct to Let Us Burn the Gondolas. Pilgrim consists of a series of 35mm colour slides, whereas Gondolas is primarily in monochrome; Pilgrim depicts friends and family, whereas Gondolas depicts strangers; and Pilgrim was confined to a short period of time, but an open-ended series of locations, whereas Gondolas is open-ended chronologically, but depicts a single location: i.e. Venice. In presenting Pilgrim, I included the original mounts together with the actual images to emphasise the fact that slides - as the product of a very particular, but now obsolete technology - have specific formal properties.

The principal subject of the photo above, Lynsey Wells (she's on the right), has a Franz Ferdinand song dedicated to her, which I mention because my photo was taken at The Chateau in Glasgow during a Franz Ferdinand concert.

(That isn't actually Lynsey in the video, although it's quite a good impression by the actress.)

Thanks to Guillermo Labarca for his invitation to submit to 1:1 magazine.

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